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Grain Free Dog Treats Featured in Paleo Sampler Box for Dogs

Unless you were born under a rock -- or ESPECIALLY if you were born under a rock -- you're familiar to some degree with the Paleo Diet trend. In essence, the Paleo Diet plan -- or Paleolithic if you're not into the whole brevity thing (thanks Dude) -- suggests certain health benefits by eating like our caveman predecessors would have. Despite wide and variable interpretations of this diet, most views agree that dairy, wheat, soybean and corn, among other foods, should be avoided. And, because we tend to treat our dogs like members of our families, our diets often become THEIR diets. So, grain free dog treats and gluten free dog food have entered the mainstream for Fido's food bowl.
While veterinary professionals don't always agree completely on the effectiveness or even the actual HEALTHINESS of the Paleo diet for our pets, a significant number of vets do find common ground in suggesting the elimination of wheat, soy and corn from our dogs' diets. And, there's a fair amount of evidence that pets with certain allergies may benefit from grain and gluten free treats and food.
So, if gluten and grain free dog treats and primal pet food are right for your best buddy, then you should take a closer look at the Paleo Dog "Simpler" Sampler gift box collection from It's not the ordinary box of toys and snacks typically delivered by similar pet box services. Our Paleo Sampler box is packed with a large variety of single-ingredient, limited-ingredient, and grain-free dog treats, with a few back-to-basics style toys thrown in to keep it fun as well as healthy.
Single-ingredient primal dog treats packed in our Paleo Dog Sampler boxes include wild-caught Alaskan cod skins, all-natural chicken jerky strips, freeze dried wild boar treats and turkey liver bites, not to mention US-sourced marrow bones and lightly-smoked pig ears. Grain-free dog treats from a number of trusted brands and even some veggies like green bean "chips" make their way into the Joe Pup Paleo Dog collection.
If you're looking for a way to reward your pups while keeping it all-natural and healthy, our Paleo Dog "Simpler" Sampler boxes might just be right for you. Available in 3 sizes, Standard, Deluxe and Colossal, you'll find the perfect combination of grain-free dog treats, all-natural goodies and simple but fun toys right for your dog. Check out the entire Paleo collection today and discover what your dog HASN'T been missing.